Cristina Lazaro

Cristina Lazaro
15/02/2017 yvonnefuertes

Acting is not for those who want it, it’s for those who can handle it. It’s for those who can’t imagine breathing without it. It’s for those who won’t take a “no” as the final answer, who won’t fall after facing doubt or disbelief. The Actors Workshop was a very intense experience in my life, breaking me and deconstructing me, and emptying and challenging me. Through my personal angle, it was never patronising, it wasn’t even reassuring, and definitely this was not a “Build up your confidence” course (after all, “there’s no such thing as the applause button”). But the ones who are not tired of being flattered just because they’re paying, the ones who believe all that counts is enjoying it, the ones who need constant approval may be deceiving themselves into a not so strong outcome. The Actors Workshop came to be exactly what I was I looking for, and an ultimate asset in my development process as an actor. A course from which I came out modified as an actor and as a person.

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