Hannah New

Hannah New
15/02/2017 yvonnefuertes

It takes 20 years or more to become an actor but the first step is one that Frank gave me. “Define yourself as an actor” he told me, “Say it out loud” to which I replied “I’m an actress” from that moment my journey as a professional began. The Actors Workshop Barcelona inspires and nurtures actors to become professionals. It provides tuition and support which encourage actors to become part of a challenging and yet exhilarating industry.it isn’t a place where one receives constant pats on the back and certificates, but rather it’s a centre of investigation and professional guidance that motivates its students to get out there and get working. Meisner stated an actor – doesn’t think, he does! – and it is at the workshop that the doing begins. A conscientious student, who can’t imagine doing anything else but dedicating those 20 years or more to becoming an actor, will find all the necessary tools to get that dream in motion. Thank you Frank for putting my dream into action.

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