Back to the basics

Back to the basics
16/06/2016 Actors Workshop
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The June workshop 2015 has been a very interesting experience. We had Jarita and Janwick from Hong Kong, Winni, Ad en Koos from the Netherlands, Tara and Mark from the US and George from France and Alejandro from Spain. This was also the closing of our one-week- per- month- workshop cycle.
In this particular workshop we took some time to go back to the basic elements in acting. LISTEN, REACT, CONCENTRATE, LISTEN AND  REALLY LISTEN and apply that to scene work.
It is amazing how the work of the actor changes when they really listen and pick up the impulses. I have seen actors change physically.  It becomes truly interesting in stead of actors trying to do something interesting.  And the end of the day is is all easy but it takes 20 years to get to the art of simplicity.
You can read some of the students experience in the testimonials section.
In July we have the scene study/monlogue workshop. Check it out. If you are an actor with experience or prior training this is your opportunity to get back into the action.
Frank Feys

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