The Blue Room


by David Hare


Directed by Frank Feys

Poster The Blue Room

The Actors Workshop Presents THE BLUE ROOM by David Hare.

To celebrate the 20 years of the Actors Workshop, the advanced students  are bringing you the play The Blue Room by David Hare, directed by Frank Feys.

With only 9 performances we recommend that you get your tickets as soon as you read this. There are only 30 seats per performance!

We open on Thursday the 4th of April. Performances are Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 20h. The closing performance is on Saturday 20th of April!

The Cast

Anna Martín

Meet Anna Martín, an actor with a four-year journey in the world of performance, training at institutions like Nancy Tuñon, and presently at the Actors Workshop. With a rich multicultural background from living in three countries and fluency in five languages, Anna brings a unique perspective to the stage. Beyond acting, a deep passion for singing and dancing enhances the vibrant energy Anna brings to the portrayal of ‘the girl’ in The Blue Room.

Harpreet Singh

Harpreet Singh, aged 25, has immersed himself in the art of acting for the past six years, honing
his skills and refining his craft. His journey in the realm of performing arts has seen him not only
participate in various short films and plays but also evolve as a dedicated and zealous actor. Born
with an innate passion for the stage, Harpreet’s commitment to his craft is unmistakable, evident in
the nuanced performances that breathe life into every role he undertakes.

Daila Carisa

I’m Daila and I am 20 years old. I was born in Germany but after living there for 5 years I moved to Switzerland, New Zealand and lastly Barcelona. I have started acting with 17 at the Actors Workshop where I fell in love with the craft, and I have been taking classes there ever since.

Dario Giuseppe Roberto

Dario Giuseppe Roberto. An actor of Italian & Indonesian heritage. Dario’s passion for the stage has guided him from the vibrant landscapes of Bali to the gothic haven of Barcelona. For the past year, he has been training at The Actors Workshop, under the wing of Frank Feys and his talented ensemble.

He makes his theatrical debut as The Student in our render of The Blue Room.

Erica Wise

Erica Wise first stepped on stage at the Actor’s Workshop in January of 2023 and hasn’t looked back since. A classically trained cellist, she continues her professional performance and teaching engagements as such, but now she is equally obsessed with acting and all that it entails. She is ecstatic to be launching her theatrical life with this production of The Blue Room and will be forever thankful to Frank Feys for his teaching, guidance and support.

Alex Liu

Alex Liu is an American actor currently living in Barcelona.  After completing drama school at the Atlantic Theater Company New York he’s continued to work in theater and independent film in New York and Los Angeles.  Is a founding member of the Space Theater in Los Angeles.

Ellen Byttebier

Ellen Byttebier

I’m Ellen Byttebier, originally from Belgium. Since my highschool years I’ve always been passionate about theater and after moving to Barcelona I joined the intermediate class of the Actors Workshop. I’m very excited to get the opportunity to play Kelly, the Model, and be part of the advanced group.

Sebastian Ciontescu

Sebastian is a Colombian actor based in Barcelona. Born in Bogotá in 1983. Sebastian has studied the Chubbuck Technique with Frank Feys at the Actors Workshop Barcelona since 2020. As an actor he has worked in series and movies for Netflix and Disney +. From an early age he studied at the Conservatory of Classical Music (guitar) and has strong interests in art and history. Sebastian graduated in Journalism from Javeriana University, Colombia.

Nivu D’Huys

Nivedita D’Huys is a Belgian/Indian actress who has been studying under Frank Feys at The Actors Workshop for three years. During high school she joined the school musical cast for Mamma Mia, followed by High School Musical where she played the leading role of Gabriella. While having focused on her training the past three years she is eager to step back onto the stage into the role of The Actress in this version of The Blue Room.

Gabriel Peralta

Hi this is Gabi Peralta. At the moment training in the Actors Workshop. I was born in Venezuela but moved to Argentina because of acting: where I trained with Raul Serrano Helena Tritek Helena Nesis and Nora Moseinco. Then moved to NY for the same reason where I attended Stella Adler Conservatory. In Argentina worked both on Stage and Films.

The Director

Frank Feys

I cannot imagine a better way to celebrate 20 years of the Actors Workshop than by directing a play. My choice to direct The Blue Room by David Hare had to do with several reasons. I first read the original version, La Ronde by Schnitzler. When I read its history, and the moral scandal it caused, it sparked a huge interest in me. Then I discovered the freely adapted version by David Hare, and I was hooked.

The Aristocrat says in the play “Do you think any of us is ever just one person? Don’t you think we all change, all the time? With one person we’re one person, and with another we’re another.” That resonated with me. I have a lot of different types of friends. All of them relate to a different part of who I am. What about intimate, sexual relationships? Is the husband the same with his wife as with his lover? Now we have a play I want to see that invites me to explore introspective views. Who am I really? And can I really change?

May I emphasize that my intention is not to present myself as an Avant-Garde Theater director. Far from that! I have too much respect for the real Theater director. My goal is to provide a creative platform for my advanced students to showcase their talent in front of a live audience. The sole focus is put on “acting” which is what I teach. This may smell like I am dodging my responsibility for the outcome of its success or failure. But I assure you, once the curtain opens, my heart and soul are intertwined with the entire wonderful cast on stage.

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