The Chubbuck Technique on Tuesday and Wednesday

The Chubbuck technique for Intermediate and/or Advanced Actors

Every Tuesday and Wednesday evening

from 19h to 22h


Scene study

The Chubbuck Technique script analysis – 12 step.

Using the Ivana Chubbuck script analysis – 12 step program the actor will be able to break down any script and create 3 dimensional characters. One of the important elements in this technique is the absence of victimism. The audience wants to see people fighting for their goals and objectives, not being victims.

Remember the winner is not the one that wins; it is the one that keeps fighting!


Every Tuesday and Wednesday
Till the end of June
From 19h to 22h


Calle Llull 70-72, 2º,9
08005 Barcelona

Who can join this course

Intermediate and advanced actors. Professional actors and/or students that have studied at least 1 year of acting.


Read “The Power of the Actor” written by Ivana Chubbuck.


The Chubbuck Evening class is given in Spanish and English. Students decide what language they want to work in.